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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fall 2008 Happenings

A few tidbits from last fall...

Major Air, Dude.
Zach's favorite outdoor activity- Playtime on the "jumpy jumpy" as they used to say.

"Hands-free Harmonica" by Mari!

Uncle Darryl was playing for us one night and Mari disappeared. When she returned she had Daddy's harmonica and just started playing. As the piano music changed, she adjusted her playing as well- faster, slower, louder, softer... it was sooo cute. Then she started twirling around and adding hand motions to the rhythm of each song. Priceless!!

Moving Day!
The kids decided they did not like their playhouse where it was, so they united in an effort to move it... I just watched them for a long time, but ultimately I had to help them- They were just too cute!

Cast your votes!
This is the second election Mari & Zach have attended in their short lives (not counting primaries). The first time they were still in diapers and we pushed them in a stroller; this time, they walked in with us and they pushed the big, red, flashing "VOTE" button once our e-ballots were complete!

October Marshmellow Roast
I didn't realize until going through old photos, but it seems we've done this almost every October without realizing it... So I guess it's a tradition now! The weather is so fair in SA, the "skeeters" are finally gone and we all start itchin' for a little backyard campfire. This year introduced a couple of new things:
1) The word "Fire" in verb form: "I wanna 'FIRE' a hot dog!" &
2) "Cheese" in roasted form: "Look Mama, I 'FIRED' my 'CHEESE'!

Ahhh, the memories..... : )

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