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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Merry Christmas- 2006

Picking out their new ornaments.
Mari chose Barbie (of course...) & Zach chose Thomas the Train (of course as well...)
Christmas Eve: Jared reading the Christmas Story to the kids.
You can tell their FULL attention is on the story and nothing else... Yeah, right!

I won't document every gift, but this one was TOO FUNNY!
Jared took the kids shopping at "Dollar Tree" for Mama's presents... This is what Zach came up with!

His logic: "Mama needs some new clothes."

*Thank you, son.* It was the perfect gift! :D

Mari Anna- Christmas Morning...
All she wanted was "BEAUTIFULS" (Mari talk for "fancy dresses")

Zachariah- Christmas Morning
All he wanted was "Thomas" & "Diego"


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