Taylor Family

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Albuquerque, NM

Jared had to take a business trip to Albuquerque, NM so we decided to turn it into a "mini vacation." It was a long trip (with all the stops we had to make) but overall it went very well. The kids were much more tolerant of riding then they were just a few months ago. They actually look out the windows now and enjoy the scenery as we go. They noticed every new place we passed and we enjoyed watching them as much as we enjoyed the whole trip!
We're on our way...

Texas at sunset

Eastern New Mexico- Not much to see! We kept looking for a place to stop and let the kids out to stretch but after about 50 miles we finally just pulled off on the side of the road!
We made it... Where are we kids?


Kelly Ghost Town
Helping each other up a hill at Kelly Mine in the Ghost Town. The mine shut down after Sherwin Williams Paint Co. stopped buying. Most of the old buildings have been destroyed, but there remains the church and parts of the mine.
State Park outside of Socorro, NM
We had planned to camp here, but it was closed- so sad...
We got the kids out to play for a while anyway, then headed back to Socorro to find a hotel.

Friday, October 06, 2006

more birthday pictures...

OK, this will be my last post about the kid's birthday... My computer locked up last night and didn't let me finish, so here are the rest of the pics:
Mari tried her best to blow out her candles but she needed a little help!

Zach needed a little help with the last candle, but the first two he got all by himself- when nobody was looking! (We had to re-light the candles and stage this photo 'cause he was so quick!)

Oddly enough, this was Mari's favorite present!

She just loves to get naked and lay on our Alpaca rug, so when I saw this little circle faux fur rug I knew it was for her! Now I have to lay it over her every night to go to sleep! : )

Can you tell my boy loves Thomas the Tank Engine?? : )
This is a Thomas sleeping bag/bedspread so they never have to part- day or night!

Ariel & Superman sharing a hug... too cute!

Their "big" presents were bicycles but it wouldn't let me add anymore photos... ggrrrh. They both gave 'em a shot and Mari just can't quite figure it out. Zach took to his right away, though. He kept getting frustrated 'cause when he tried to pedal he would push backward and put on the brake- he's not used to having a brake! He finally got it and made circles through the house all night! Mari started to get it and then she too would accidentally apply the brake, get frustrated and get off... she is NOT very patient! We'll just have to keep working with them. I'm not gonna rush things 'cause I definately don't want them to grow up too fast! : )

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Our 3rd Birthday!

September 26, 2006

Well, we've finally recovered from the party and I'm getting around to posting a few photos... The kids had a blast! We went to the zoo that morning and had lots of fun! Then they got hungry, of course, and wanted "ronies" for their birthday lunch so we took them to Luby's for macaroni and chicken. Next we headed home to decorate and finish (actually to start) their birthday cakes. Thankfully they fell asleep on the way home! Mari didn't nap long, but Daddy kept her occupied while Aunt Tammy and I decorated. We finally got it all done around 8:30pm so that's when the party actually began!

The kids didn't realize how late it was because they were having lots of fun playing with their cousin Taylor. ( I think the adults were pretty hungry, though! We had to order some Papa John's pizzas, yummmmy!)

I've promised myself that I will do better next year (as I promised myself last year...) and have everything in order ahead of time!!

My monkies watching the monkies!

Mari's Care Bear Cake
Zachy's Choo-Choo Train Cake